Monthly Archives: April 2016

Delicious and creamy ham and cabbage meal

Creamed ham and cabbage is a healthy, filling and tasty dish that is a family favorite. The meal is quite easy to make and it is a wonderful way to use cabbage. Since cabbage is a vegetable that is commonly sold at a low price, particularly in the summer, this is also an inexpensive meal … Continue reading

Great and tasty pizza sauce for homemade pizzas

There are few foods that come close to the popularity of pizza. This could be because there are so many possible toppings that can be put on the top of the crust, as well as the many different ways of making the dough. However, many people feel that it is the sauce that really makes … Continue reading

Ways Green Tea can Benefit your Health

The health benefits of green tea have long been touted, with some researchers suggesting it can prevent heart disease and cancer, as well as help the drinker lose weight and lower cholesterol levels. However, although there is little doubt that drinking green tea is generally good for the body, experts are still on the fence … Continue reading

Fantastic creamy chicken fried pork steak recipe

Chicken fried steak continues to be a popular dish throughout the United States and beyond. Most often made with beef,  but a superb chicken fried steak can be made with pork as well. The flavor is delicious and well liked, and yet the meal has the wonderful ‘touch of home’ flavor that many meals lack.  … Continue reading

Get your family to eat more fish with this homemade tartar sauce

There are times when fish simply cries out to be accompanied by the extra tang that a good tartar sauce brings. Fried fish and chips, deep fried scampi, calamari and even oysters, marry perfectly with the taste of tartar sauce. Preparing homemade tartar sauce requires no culinary skills at all as the desired ingredients, which … Continue reading

Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers

The high price of meat and the move toward a more healthy lifestyle is on the minds of many these days. Whether you are a vegetarian or just trying to keep your grocery bill in check, finding ways to feed your family a good healthy meal is essential. Eating healthy should not mean giving up … Continue reading